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Sir James Paul McCartney MBE is a multiple Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record producer, film producer and animal rights activist. He gained worldwide fame as a member of The Beatles, with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. McCartney and Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships and "wrote some of the most popular music in rock and roll history".
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After leaving The Beatles, McCartney launched a successful solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda Eastman McCartney, and singer-songwriter Denny Laine. He has worked on film scores, classical music, and ambient/electronica music; released a large catalogue of songs as a solo artist; and taken part in projects to help international charities.

Paul McCartney | celebritiesMcCartney is listed in Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer in popular music history, with 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles.

His song "Yesterday" is listed as the most covered song in history - by over 3,700 artists so far - and has been played more than 7,000,000 times on American television and radio. Wings' 1977 single "Mull of Kintyre" became the first single to sell more than two million copies in the UK, and remains the UK's top selling non-charity single.(Three charity singles have since surpassed it in sales; the first to do so—in 1984—was Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?", whose participants included McCartney.)

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Javier Bardem

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Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem
is a critically acclaimed, award-winning Spanish actor who has starred in over two dozen films in Spain. He had garnered critical acclaim as an actor for films such as Jamón, jamón, Carne tremula, Boca a boca, Los Lunes al sol and Mar adentro.

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Bardem was born on March 1, 1969 in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain, the son of Carlos Encinas and the actress Pilar Bardem. Bardem comes from a long line of filmmakers and actors who have been working since the earliest days of Spanish cinema; he is the grandson of actors Rafael Bardem and Matilde Muñoz Sampedro, and the nephew of screenwriter and director Juan Antonio Bardem. Both his older brother and his older sister, Carlos and Mónica Bardem, are actors. His film debut was at the age of six and a half in the film El Pícaro (The Scoundrel) and he appeared in several television series before turning to painting and, eventually, sports. Before acting professionally, Bardem was a member of the underage Spanish national rugby team.

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Bardem does not know how to drive and consistently refers to himself as a "worker" and not an actor. Following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Spain in 2005, Bardem incited controversy when he stated that if he were gay, he would "get married tomorrow, just to fuck with the church" (mañana mismo, sólo para joder a la Iglesia). Bardem's life's work was recently honored at the 2007 Gotham Awards, produced by IFP (Independent Feature Project). He is currently dating Penelope Cruz.

Javier Bardem

Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Diego José Francisco de
Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso
was an Andalusian-Spanish painter, draughtsman, and sculptor. As one of the most recognized figures in twentieth-century art, he is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the wide variety of styles embodied in his work. Among his most famous works are the proto-Cubist Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) and his depiction of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, Guernica (1937).

Picasso was baptized Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Clito, a series of names honouring various saints and relatives. Added to these were Ruíz and Picasso, for his father and mother, respectively, as per Spanish custom. Born in the city of Málaga in the Andalusian region of Spain, he was the first child of Don José Ruiz y Blasco (1838–1913) and María Picasso y López.

Picasso’s family was middle-class; his father was also a painter who specialized in naturalistic depictions of birds and other game. For most of his life Ruiz was a professor of art at the School of Crafts and a curator of a local museum. Ruiz’s ancestors were minor aristocrats.

The young Picasso showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age; according to his mother, his first words were “piz, piz”, a shortening of lápiz, the Spanish word for ‘pencil’. From the age of seven, Picasso received formal artistic training from his father in figure drawing and oil painting. Ruiz was a traditional, academic artist and instructor who believed that proper training required disciplined copying of the masters, and drawing the human body from plaster casts and live models. His son became preoccupied with art to the detriment of his classwork. (more...)

Norman Rockwell

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Norman Percevel Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978) was a 20th century American painter and illustrator. His works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States, where Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life scenarios he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over more than four decades. Among the best-known of Rockwell's works are the Willie Gillis series, Rosie the Riveter (although his Rosie was reproduced less than others of the day), Saying Grace (1951), and the Four Freedoms series.

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He had one brother, Jarvis Rockwell. Norman transferred from high school to the Chase Art School at the age of 14. He then went on to the National Academy of Design and finally to the Art Students League. There, he was taught by Thomas Fogarty, George Bridgman, and Frank Vincent Dumond; his early works were produced for St. Nicholas Magazine, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) publication Boys' Life and other juvenile publications. Joseph Csatari carried on his legacy and style for the BSA.

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As a student, Rockwell was given smaller, less important jobs. His first major breakthrough came in 1912 at age eighteen with his first book illustration for Carl H. Claudy's Tell Me Why: Stories about Mother Nature.

In 1913, the nineteen-year old Rockwell became the art editor for Boys' Life, published by the Boy Scouts of America, a post he held for three years (1913–1916). As part of that position, he painted several covers, beginning with his first published magazine cover, Scout at Ship's Wheel, appearing on the Boys' Life September 1913 edition.

Norman Rockwell

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Taylor Ball

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Taylor Ball
got his start from a woman named Kim Dawson in Dallas. He was born in San Antonio,Texas, and grew up in Granbury, Texas. He is now currently living in Studio City, and goes home in Granbury when hime is not working. He attended Jr. High at Fossil Hill Middle School in Keller, Texas, and Acton Middle School in Granbury, Texas.

"Having lots of affiliations, Taylor Ball still marks on people's hearts. Touching their hearts at his most dramatic scenes "

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Here are some Trivia about him:
  • He gets to kiss Ashley Tisdale in a couple episodes on the show Still Standing. Ashley plays Bonnie his girlfriend in a couple episodes.
  • He has made an amateur film called Very Bad Day, with some of his friends. It is a dark comedy based on a true story about a friend struggling with drug addiction.
  • He says his mom was kind of like Judy on Still Standing
  • When he is not working you can catch him at his home in Texas.
  • He doesn't really care for algebra but it is also his best subject too.
  • He's considering three fields, either filmmaking, architecture, or rock stardom.
  • He was home-schooled as a child because of his acting.
  • more Trivia

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He has done runway modeling,tons of print jobs, voice overs, and countless commercials. He is a brown belt in Aikido, and loves making home made movies. This born and raised Texan also composes techno music,plays electric guitar,and likes to rock climb in his spare time. He is also a supporter of The Gabriel Project.

Taylor Ball

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