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He is a Golden Globe-nominated American actor and was a teen idol. Atkins was born in Valdese, NC to Donald Bomann and Bitsy Nebauer. While in High school Atkins was a lifeguard and sailing instructor when a friend pressured him to audition for The Blue Lagoon.

He won the role over 4,000 other actors. He had no previous interest or experience in acting.
Atkins starred in his first film at the age of nineteen years, which gained him a brief burst of fame.

The romance adventure remake The Blue Lagoon, opposite Brooke Shields, was released in 1980 and became a huge box office success. The movie cost $4.5 million, but has grossed over $58 million.

The Blue Lagoon still remains a classic of romantic fantasy and adventure. Atkins appeared fully nude on screen at a time when male frontal nudity in films was rare.

The role allowed him to show off his swimming abilities, innocent good-looks and he was established as a teen idol. After the success of the film,
tkins was recognized and mobbed everywhere. Female fans literally tore off his clothes.
He hit #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with the song "How Can I Live Without Her?", which appeared in The Pirate Movie. The film has become a cult classic. Renowned for his boy next door looks, Atkins created a buzz among girls of all ages who loved to see him on screen. Though it led to typecasting, the athletic Atkins did not disappoint his fans, and was shirtless in almost all his movies and television appearances. Atkins commented, "What do you mean as soon as I get a job where I don't have to wear a loincloth, I will be wearing a speedo swimsuit! Will I ever have an acting job when I don't have to be shirtless?"

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