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Michael Angarano | Job SearchMichael Anthony Angarano (born December 3, 1987) is an American actor.
At his young age, he make job opportunity in his own. Enjoying his employment work.

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Michael Angarano

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Michael Angarano was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Doreen and Michael Angarano. He is of Italian descent; he has two younger siblings, Erica and Andrew, and an older sister, Kristen. His family owns and operates four successful dance studios in New York and LA called Reflections in Dance, where Doreen directs and teaches, Kristen teaches and Erica dances. Angarano graduated from Crespi Carmelite High School in 2005 and currently lives in Los Angeles.

In 2000, he played the young William in the critically acclaimed film Almost Famous. Angarano's first major film role was in 2002's Little Secrets, opposite Evan Rachel Wood and David Gallagher. In 2004, he appeared in the movie version of the critically acclaimed novel Speak, which costarred Kristen Stewart. Angarano was the lead role in Sky High and had a major role in Lords of Dogtown, both of which were released in the summer of 2005. Angarano also appeared as Elliott, the son of Jack McFarland, on the television series Will & Grace.

In 2007, Angarano appeared in four episodes of the hit 24 as Scott Wallace, a teenager taken hostage by a terrorist. In 2006, 2007, and 2008, he appeared in the films Bondage, Black Irish, Man in the Chair, Snow Angels, The Final Season, and his most recent, The Forbidden Kingdom, co-starring alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Angarano reportedly showed up for the Justice League of America movie auditions. Currently, he is filming Gentlemen Broncos.

In 2008, Angarano was featured in Vanity Fair as one of Hollywood's "New Wave" young stars. Angarano is currently dating actress Kristen Stewart, his co-star in the movie Speak.

Michael Angarano


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